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Pleasure to make your acquaintance!!

       It starts with a call to us when you are in need of our services.  We schedule an appointment to come to your home to evaluate your items.  Once all items you wish to retain possession of are removed from the residence or stored in another room, our job starts! One doesn't realize what a large quantity of possesions they collect throughout the years.  We will clean and tag each item with a price, and organize for an attrative presentation.  Any item of real value will be discussed with the client as to the price of the item or possibly handed over to an appriaser or auction so you can redeem the most funds for your item.  We will discuss with the client of an approximate date(s) as to when the sale will begin.  It's our task to fully advertise your Estate Sale equipped with directional signage.  Sales are commonly two or three days depending on the amount of items to be sold.  After the sale, we will clean up and distribute any non-purchased items to the charity of your choosing, or box them up for the client to retain possession.  Once the funds are all counted, after the fees are subtracted, you will receive the remaining funds from the sale with an inventory list of purchased items. 
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